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Databases not showing up in FMGo 15

Question asked by stevemsi on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by stevemsi

Still testing FM 15 and FMS 15 on their 30 day trial.  I have several databases set up.  They work fine in FM on my PC via the server.  They work fine via WebDirect in a browser.  But when I try FMGo 15 on my iPad, the host IS listed in the upper left "Hosts" menu.  When I select it, FMGo grinds away for a few moments and then the screen just shows "No files available".  Not even the sample file is listed that came with the trial.


In FMS Admin Console, under option ACTIVITY, tab DATABASES,  under GO/PRO it shows a circle with bottom half shaded for all but two files.  These two have full shaded circles.  One is the Sample database and the other is my main test database.


What am I missing to get these to show up in FMGo 15?