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Displaying videos with a virtual list?

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Sep 8, 2016
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I'm using a MasterDetail2.0 module for contacts and ideally would setup a 2nd one to make a searchable videos layout, but 2 occurrences of MasterDetail module is proving to get very complicated. So, I was thinking I really just need a 2nd Virtual List in play. I'm still trying to fully grasp the concept (programming is not my strong suit).


Are there any basic modules I could build on to create a video display page? Or, a simpler suggestion for how to best approach? I have a table of records, each record is a Video_ID, Video_Title, and Container with an inserted video file. Portals don't play videos within them, and ideally it would be a searchable displaying.


The end goal is a page where users could go and browse videos and watch them easily in a nice user-friendly look. Open to variations from a Virtual List, that just seems like the smartest route from my understanding.