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    Field names in a text field


      I'm probably missing something really simple here.


      Here's the situation:

      In my "setup" screen, I have an option for setting up autofill text that will be used elsewhere in the database. Part of that text wants to be field contents. When I fill in the destination field with the text in the shortcut field, the contents don't populate properly.


      For example, in my "Admin" table:


      Shortcut Text1: "Dear <<Events::Contact Name>>, The event <<Events::Event Name>> has been approved."


      Then, in my "Events" table, I have a field called "Confirmation Message." The intention is to have 4 "Shortcuts" that can be setup on the admin screen, and then I have buttons that drop the applicable text into the right field on the event record.


      Right now, it is dropping the text as typed, <<>> and all. Not actually filling in the appropriate data. What can I do to get it to actually calculate the field contents?


      FMPA13, Mac