FileMaker 15 certification

Discussion created by HortGroup on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by beverly

I've been considering getting my FileMaker 15 certification. My question is what is the best idea to prepare for it?


I've been working with FileMaker for just over a year and a half now. I've worked with 13, 14, and now 15. I'm planning on getting the FileMaker Training Series: FileMaker 15 Advanced, and studying it. What else, could I be doing to prepare? If I was able to pass for 15, would it be worth it to buy FileMaker Training Series: FileMaker 14 Advanced? Or, since there wasn't a whole bunch that changed between the two versions, would I be able to pass it?


On a side note, I want to try to get this before November, would this be enough time? Is it too difficult too tell, without any knowledge of my experience, learning ability, and knowledge? How far in advance do you have to schedule the exam?


Basically, what would everyone's advice be? Thanks in advance!