Server Hardware / Solution Perfomance Problems - 100 users

Discussion created by mattel on Sep 9, 2016
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TLDR; hardware problem or software problem.


Currently we run filemaker server in 2 locations (windows 2012 r2), one fm server 14 and fm pro on the same machine.  The other has a filemaker server and 2 Remote desktop servers accessing it.  We are having some problems with some general sluggishness in the solution.  We are also experiencing random crashes from filemaker app itself (I attributed these just to filemaker having some bugs).  The solution experiences similar speed/performance when the client is run on a developer desktop with fm pro adv.  The solution was never intended to run over a WAN and has not been optimized for such.


The solution is deployed using the split model, with one back end file for each sales group (20 total, each back end file typically has less than 10 users).  Front end files are then accessed over remote desktop, a script makes a copy of the "master" front end file for the user when they click the icon, so they are presented with a "fresh" version every time.  Other in house applications are also run on these remote desktop servers (involving office, sql server, etc).


We have been advised to take our current setup and break up sales groups to about 40 users per machine.  Then create a server with FM Server15,  40 FLT connections, remote desktop, fm pro, sql express and the other services for our in house apps.   OR create 1 FM Server at each of the locations, and host the remote desktop/in house apps on separate servers.  Which would give us the FM Server workload of about 100 users at one site and 30 at the other.


If we are re-arranging stuff then we might as well upgrade the servers.  So I'm looking for hardware suggestions for new / used servers.  I'm including a few shots of the relationship graph in case that could be part of the problem.  Our current hardware is below:


FM Server 15:

2x Quad Core X5560, 48 GB Ram, 4x 10k drives in raid 10 setup.  3 partitions (system, data, backup)

Total FM file backend size is less than 10GB


Remote Desktop Servers:

server1: FM 15

2x Quad Core X5550, 72GB Ram, 3x 10k drives in raid 5, (50 users)


Server 2: FM15

2x Quad Core X5560, 48 GB Ram, SM863 480GB SSD mirror, (40 users), (also runs in house apps, sql etc)


Combo server

FM 14 pro and 14 server, 2x Quad Core X5560, 48 GB Ram, 3x 10k drives in raid 5, (30 users), (also runs in house apps, sql, etc)


Attached Relationship Graph: (some stuff marked out)