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    yet more fmp15 pdf issues...


      filemaker 15 with windows and mac, server 14


      I've been having nightmares with pdf creation - finally found out that filemaker doesn't support opentype fonts on pc very well so we resorted to a truetype version and removed the opentype.

      that resolved some issues (italics extending and overlaying the following text)


      but file > save > as pdf (and scripting the same) just results in corrupt pdfs. works fine on the macs

      file > print > to doPDF (a windows pdf engine) works

      resorting to Arial resolves it - so what's the official support of fonts for fmp 15?

      the font is Sablon (not Sablon MT Pro - the opentype version).


      a new clean database with a single test word has the same result.


      all other apps can display, print and create pdfs using the font fine...