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    Developer support


      I have developed a database for a charity which another similar charity now wants to buy. i have done this in my own time as I am not a full time developer. They are now asking me what would happen if I were unable to support it through long term illness (I think they mean death).

      How do other individuals overcome this issue  I have said that any competent FileMaker developer could support it   Should I leave it at That or find someone specific to cover in the eventuality of meeting an unfortunate demise ?

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          competent, but perhaps not pro bono? however, you may wish to find several people willing to "succeed" you.


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            Either way would work.

            Any competent developer can support an application.

            The obvious logical choice is you.

            If its you that they want to do the support and if they are gong to sell it then you should be compensated.

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              Just do yourself, the users and any other developer that might get involved a big favor and put some effort into documenting your design. Script Comments, text boxes in the relationship graph--even layout text "off the right edge" can be useful integrated documentation to help remind you and inform other developers how things work in your solution.


              Putting thought and effort into how your relationship graph is organized and how the TO's are named can also save you and others a lot of time when the need arises to make changes to your data model. Anchor Buoy is one option here, but whether you use that or another method, consistent naming conventions and a modular approach that uses smaller groups of table occurrences instead of one massive "web" reduce or eliminate a lot of "headaches" to be encountered when you have to analyze an unfamiliar design.

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                Markus Schneider

                Every FileMaker developer (who want's that) can support another (foreign) solution. The better the documentation is, the faster he/she's 'online'.

                Sometimes it takes some time to 'get in' - but everyone with a specific expierence can help (as long as the master-credentials are available an user can tell how they are working..)

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                  I agree with Beverly. It's best for everyone's comfort level (especially the client) if you have a specific warm body you can point to instead of asking the client to hunt for someone if you have an unfortunate encounter with a bus.  

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                    I meet this type of discuss sometimes with my customs.


                    I can say them that documentation of my solutions are enough to permit some body else supporting it.


                    You can include documentation and explanation inside or outside your solution, you MUST use common normalization when writing elements of software (naming, comments in scripts, etc...).


                    If this is done, somebody else can take the suite.