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    Can't Save Server Settings




      At some point a couple weeks ago, I noticed that both of our two server-side script schedules had disappeared, though I didn't think twice about it because I'm not the primary person administering this server.  Now I've found out that an important process has not been running...obvious to me because I know that no script schedules exist anymore.


      I've now added one script back and am attempting (on the actual FMS machine) to "Save Schedules & Groups".  However, I get this error when I try:


      So I have three questions:

      1) Is there a file/location where the original scripts were stored/deleted that they no longer exist in the admin console?

      2) Is there a way to resolve my inability to now save a backup of my settings (other than a reinstall)?

      3) Are these two issues directly related?




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          Thank you for your post.


          Something has changed in your environment.


          I doubt the fms14_settings.settings file has been deleted, so this issue may be memory related or the Admin Console and FileMaker Server may be out of sync.  Therefore, close all hosted files, stop FileMaker Server, and reboot the server to clear out any possible memory conflicts.  Once the server reboots and FileMaker Server restarts, launch Admin Console to put it back in sync, and then see if the schedules appear and/or if you are able to save a schedule.


          Keep me posted with any progress.



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            Thanks, Gal.  I did restart the adminserver, but that by itself didn't help.  I'll try a restart this weekend and let you know.