Can't Save Server Settings

Discussion created by hschlossberg on Sep 9, 2016
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At some point a couple weeks ago, I noticed that both of our two server-side script schedules had disappeared, though I didn't think twice about it because I'm not the primary person administering this server.  Now I've found out that an important process has not been running...obvious to me because I know that no script schedules exist anymore.


I've now added one script back and am attempting (on the actual FMS machine) to "Save Schedules & Groups".  However, I get this error when I try:


So I have three questions:

1) Is there a file/location where the original scripts were stored/deleted that they no longer exist in the admin console?

2) Is there a way to resolve my inability to now save a backup of my settings (other than a reinstall)?

3) Are these two issues directly related?