Script problem with 1 table 2 layouts.

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I have DB with several tables. I have Layout named PowerMeters and layout named Phone (show records from Powermeters). And all fields added in Phone are actually part of the PowerMeters. I have layout named “Log”. And script that tracks changes in PowerMaters , make record in “Log”. Тhe script does not work when there is a change in fields in layout Phone. Script make record in Log ONLY when detect changes in Powermeters.


Part of scritp:


Set Variable  [$sbst; Value:PowerMeters::substations]

Set Variable  [$prg; Value:PowerMeters::program]

Set Variable  [$acode; Value:PowerMeters::areacode]  /this is from layout phone/

Go to Layout [“Log” (log)]

Ne Record/Request

Set Field [Log::substationslog; $sub]

Set Field [Log::programlog; prg]

Set Field [Log::areacodelog; $acode]

Go to Layout [original layout]