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Perform Find not working as expected

Question asked by hangry on Sep 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2016 by alangodfrey

I have a table with a field called "Building".


In script I use the Perform Find command to filter the records to include only those records where Building=$$FindBuilding, where $$FindBuilding is a global variable set earlier in script.



This all works fine except when the value of $$FindBuilding starts with the word "Building".


For instance I have records that have values for the "Building" field that are:


Building A

Building B

Building C


Whenever I run the script trying to filter the records for only those with, say, "Building A", it returns all records that have either "Building A", "Building B", or "Building C" in them.


I also have records where the value for Building do not include the word "Building" in them. In these cases the Find works as expected.


Can anyone help me understand why the find works differently based on the value searching for?