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Web Direct Performance FM15 - any suggestions?

Question asked by user26705 on Sep 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2016 by user27087

I am working on an application for content management and the hope was to make it available to end-users via WebDirect FM15 server.  I just started this application and only have two tables with a combined field count of 10 fields - no scripts - 1 user (me) and just one layout with the 10 fields.


Performance is horrible - I mean like 1990s horrible.


Has anyone developed a robust application for WebDirect? 


Is there tuning parameters I am missing?


I realize that WebDirect needs to do roundtrips to the server - but it seems it is doing roundtrips for every user side actions - tab, typing, drop down selection...even just setting there...


...I am hoping it is if there are any suggestions or examples of robust (somewhat complex and beefy) WebDirect applications - I would truly appreciate the feedback and guidance.