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    Web Direct Performance FM15 - any suggestions?


      I am working on an application for content management and the hope was to make it available to end-users via WebDirect FM15 server.  I just started this application and only have two tables with a combined field count of 10 fields - no scripts - 1 user (me) and just one layout with the 10 fields.


      Performance is horrible - I mean like 1990s horrible.


      Has anyone developed a robust application for WebDirect? 


      Is there tuning parameters I am missing?


      I realize that WebDirect needs to do roundtrips to the server - but it seems it is doing roundtrips for every user side actions - tab, typing, drop down selection...even just setting there...


      ...I am hoping it is me...so if there are any suggestions or examples of robust (somewhat complex and beefy) WebDirect applications - I would truly appreciate the feedback and guidance.

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          We have 25-30 simultaneous users taping in from both coasts and have pretty good speeds, so it is possible. Many tables, 100,000s of records on the largest ones, medium complexity in relationship diagram (I've seen simpler, I've seen worse.) We also have a solution with 250 million rows with few users, so record count is rarely an issue.


          Be sure to have created the file in v15. The one thing we ask all of our users is to avoid is IE (although that may be less of a concern with each IE update) and use Chrome instead.

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            That is great feedback and provides promise.


            I tested on Safari and IE and that is where the issues are occurring.  I also tested Edge.  I will check out Chrome but we can't force the users to use Chrome due to security policies. 


            When we access the app from FM Pro 15 it works perfectly - not that it should be surprising - but it does rule out the connection speeds.


            Thank you for the feedback - btw why does the file need to be created in FM15?  Did something change with FM15 in terms of WebDirect?  This file was originally created in FM14.

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              Sorry, creation on 14 is fine. Even prior version creating is OK, but asking about the creation version is a good place to start because of layout conversions.


              We have some pretty nice screens, not bland and white, and they work fine for our many simultaneous users. We try to stick to list views with our own headers to control found sets and sorting, and avoid portals unless we have no choice.


              If you have portals with many rows, try seeing what happens if you show the same found set in list view.


              If I think of other things we did to make WD fast I'll run it by you.

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                And Safari has been one of the fastest browsers we have tested. I don't think I ever had a speed issue on Safari unless it was on a layout that was slow for all other users.