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    How can I autosize a text object in Layout mode?


      A couple of versions ago, Filemaker removed a feature that I used all the time when I'm in Layout mode. The removal of this is driving me absolutely bonkers, and I'd really like to get a solution.  It goes like this:


      Previous versions: 

      You are creating a text object to contain "Abcdefghijkl". The object is 10x100 pixels.

      Now you change it to "Abc". The Text object is still 10x100.

      Now you alter the text style, to Bold for example, and the object size changes to the smallest available size for "Abc", 10x30!

      It was an extremely useful and quick way to autosize the text object to as small as possible! Two shortcuts (COM+B and COM+B and Voila! it's done!


      Current version:

      After changing the content of a text object, you have no way to auto-size the text object to the smallest possible size.

      I have to pick up the mouse, resize the object manually, and with all the guides and stuff it's both annoying and time consuming!


      It's absolutely infuriating, and it's making every design project take at least 50% longer.


      Is there any way to autosize a text object so it fits the text and is as small as possible (ie, with shortcuts, no mouse involved please)?




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          What version are you using now as your "current version"?


          I'm using Windows--that may be the difference here--but in FMP 15, any changes that I make to increase or decrease the space needed for text in a text object on a layout, deleting/adding characters, changing the size, changing to/from Bold, all result in the text object auto-sizing for me with no need for added interaction on my part.


          This is not always a good thing as I often find that I have to manually resize the text object to make it a bit larger when designing layouts for iOS use as the text seems to need a few pixels more space than what I've created in this fashion on my layout.

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            Thanks for the input!


            I'm on FM15 on Mac. It has been like this since version 13 or 14 I think.


            And yes, it's not always ideal. The autosize should be something like "minimum size +5 pixels in width and height". – But I guess that's too hard for Filemaker Inc to implement....