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URL Hyperlink Calculation

Question asked by landphil11 on Sep 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by landphil11

I have a field that contains URL hyperlinks and I can display that just fine. If a customer wants to follow the hyperlink, they have to highlight it, copy, and then paste it into a web browser. To avoid that hassle, I'd like to set up a calculation field for display that makes something like "Pic in FlickR" a hyperlink to the associated page using the URL from the original PicURL field. The URLs are record specific. Even better, it I could specify the link to open in a new tab rather than a whole new window, that would be great, since I'd like to display this using WebDirect.


I've seen other posts about similar topics but none were helpful...but maybe I missed one. I thought for sure this would be a simple calculation, but it does not seem to be...sigh. Don't tell me MS Excel can do something like this but FMPro cannot...I'd be so disappointed in FMPro if that were the case!


Thanks for your help!