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Popover-Hosted, Portal-Based Record Selection List

Question asked by bee13 on Sep 11, 2016
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First off, I apologize for my choice of discussion title, which seems overly cryptic, but I had difficulty devising a concise description for my somewhat involved questions below...


ABOUT ME: FMP Advanced 13, Mac OS El Capitan, FM Go 15, novice aspiring to intermediate skill


GOAL: My user (a school teacher) wants a FM Go-based method for a DB I already developed to

  1. present a scrolling list of names for students whose records already exist in a Student table, and
  2. enable the user to tap on various names in the representative list, thereby 'marking' the selected students, from which
  3. a batch is created from which
  4. a separate report is generated for each of the previously selected student records and only those students


BACKGROUND:  I have already placed a popover on a layout that looks at the Student table whose sole purpose is to build & present numerous reports.  Within the popover boundary I have placed a slide control with numerous panes.  Each pane hosts the mentioned report-generating buttons, grouped by similar actions.




It seems technically possible to use one of the popover's/slide control's panes to present the user with the the above-mentioned scrolling list of students from which the user can individually select (mark) student records which are to be included in a report-generation batch.



  1. I created a second table occurrence of the Student Table and related it to the original Student Table via the primary key fields.
  2. I established a cartesian relationship between the two TOs in order to make all related student records visible.
  3. I created a portal with the student Name field and a checkbox and placed it on the 'Reports' popover in the primary Student TO looking into the second Student TO. The checkbox provides a convenient way for the user to 'mark' individual students which are to be included in a batch for report generation.



  1. The relationship between the two TOs using the cartesian symbol does present all student names and their associated checkboxes in the popover/slider portal.
  2. I can click on random checkboxes and they toggle on and off accordingly.



  1. I am unsure whether the construct I have built is the best method or if it will work at all.
  2. I understand that ultimately a script connected to a button (or similar) on the popover must be used to create a found set including only those students whose checkbox fields have been 'marked' via the popover/slider portal.



  1. Am I on the right track?  Is there a better way to accomplish the stated goal above?
  2. Am I completely off base???


Thank you in advance!