Not even sure where to start this one.

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I recently developed some point of sales software with WordPress to replace the paper order forms I had been using in the past. The new software creates an end of event CSV file which I want to now import into FileMaker. If I just "create a new solution" out of the CSV what it gives me is not very useful for a lot of reasons. One is that I single event's sales gets turned into multiple records. But I need all of those records to relate back to the original client where the event was hosted. But the second is when I import a new event I don't see a way to do it that does not create an entirely new table instead of bringing the sales data for the new event into the existing sales data table. From there I will need it to generate several sub reports specific to the generation of products (but I don't anticipate much of an issue with that) and finally I want to then relate all of this back to the original client table that I use for scheduling events so I can easily see much more specific numbers then the information that i am currently login into a child table associated with that existing solution.


So, Ideas on where to start?