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medical database for research purpose

Question asked by rufus_in_fabula on Sep 12, 2016
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Hello everyone, my name is Paolo, from Italy and i'm a physician working in a pediatric center. I'm doing some research in my department and actually i'm working on an eco-thorax score that can predict the odds of being re-intubation.

I thought that using a DB like FileMaker could help me and my co-workers on speed-up our research analysis. Actually i'm in big trouble because i'm stuck in some point and i do not know what to do. I can not pay someone to do this for me because my hospital nor i have the money for do that.

So i decided to give it a try...

I have to collect the personal data of the patient and for each patient i need to collect medical (concerning static values and dynamic datas) about my thoracic examination at time: pre, post, post 6 hours and post 24 hours from their extubation.

I decided to built 5 tables (one with the persona data and the other 4 about the examination time IE:pre,post,post6h,post24h). Then i related those tables just with the independent values (ID,NAME,SURNAME,DOB,GENDER etc) and i kept the dependent values (the one that could change from one observation to another) not related. I did a menu where i can move from personal data, pre, post etc windows but every time i put the values inside tre records (PRE for example) it keeps me coping them into all the others (POST, POST6H and POST24H).

is there some Angel that can help me on that?


P.S. sorry for my english