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    Adding URLs to a field


      I know this has been covered before, only thing is I just can't seem to understand how to implement the solutions

      Here's what I need to do

      I have an extensive data base and all those files have individual links to different websites

      When I do billing for instance, I need to configure the Website field so that the client can just click on it to access his own website

      so basically it will be a different URL each time

      Plz bear in mind that I am not an expert and that I am working on a Mac using FM 14.1


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          David Moyer


          there is the Open URL script step - that's probably what you want.  If you're sending the URL in an email and having problems, put the URL on its own line.

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            If you have a text field in the record (or linked to it via a relationship--such as from a customer table), where you are storing a single URL in that field and it's exactly the URL text that you need...


            Then you need to do one of the following:


            1. Use Open URL and refer to that field in the Open URL step. This opens the user's default web browser and navigates to the specified page.
            2. Set a Web Viewer to the URL from that field. This uses the Web Viewer to open and view the specified web page inside the web viewer.
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              Your primary tool will be the Open URL script step. You will need to feed it a link, not the name of the website or some such. If your link is present in the field, you can easily enough place a button next to the field that says "open" and use Open URL to point to the contents of the field. Something like this:


              Open URL [ No dialog ; billing::website ]


              There are fancier things you can do - like a second field that automatically configures the URL, doing things in a Web Viewer to provide a more "web-like" experience. But it's simple enough to do a simple URL.





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                Working fine now

                Thanks all