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    FM Server 14 upgrade - Migrate CWP site


      I've just upgrade our Filemaker 12 server to Filemaker 14 server (windows Server 2008 r2). We had a cwp site running under 12 as the default web site in IIS and the v14 installer installed a new default web site called "FMWebSite".  I need to get my old site up and running or migrate the contents of the old site into the new site that was installed with FM srvr 14, but I am having trouble finding specific documentation on how to do this. Any help would be appreciated!

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          Johan Hedman

          FileMaker have updated to a newer version of PHP to FM14, make sure you have core that are up to date for that. There is no conversion tool for converting your CWP code when going between different versions of FMS.


          FMS hijack IIS and install a own website. In your IIS settings, make sure your site is started and disable the one the IIS already had as default

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            The location of the new web root folder under FileMaker v13 or later on Windows is:


            [drive]:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\HTTPServer\Conf where [drive] is the drive on which the Web Publishing Engine component of your FileMaker server deployment resides.


            Copy your PHP files to this folder and then see if you can access them in a browser via the appropriate URL. Also make sure you're not including the v12 PHP API as well.




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              Hi Andrew,


              My CWP site is rather large and on another drive  - in the FM 12 server deployment, it worked fine this way.  In the FM 14 server deployment, I can't just copy all of it into the directory listed above because there's not enough free space on the C drive.  Is there a way for me to redirect the new 'FMIWebSite' to use my website directory on the other drive? The piece that is making it so big is a directory of PDF files that people can download from the site - can I copy over certain files to the new filemaker directory and then 'point to' this large directory PDFs and keep them on the E drive?  I'm not an expert in IIS 6 and I did not build this website, so I could use the help!



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                Hi All,


                I have figured out how to get my site redirecting and everything is working except the PHP connection to the database.  PHP is enabled on my database and the server, as they were for FMS 12.  When I installed FMS 14, I elected not to install PHP again because I was already running the supported version under my FMS12 installation. Now I am trying to figure out if I need to use the FM API standalone installer or if there is a way to point my site at the new FM api for FMS 14. any help would be appreciated!