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    FMP 14 License Key conflict


      I am having issues with the following conflict:


      The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of FileMaker Pro. Please refer to the License Key section of your software documentation for further instructions.

      License Key conflict occurred with user “Sam’s MacBook Pro”

      All files will be closed and the application will quit.


      I am running a shared solution that is running on Filemaker Pro 15 and we have 3 other machines connecting to it , I also have my laptop that is on FMP14. When I am in the office the shared solution works without a problem.

      When I leave the office I access the solution from home using port forwarding and this all works fine as well.

      When I return to the office the following morning and try to connect to the shared file again I get the above error.

      The only solution I have found to sort this out is to delete the preferences file from my computer library and also shut down the shared solution and reopen it on the computer that is hosting the file. This extremely annoying as of course I need to get all users to log off to do this.


      All copies of file maker have a there own licence key installed.


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          lienert, Try This:


          Open 'File' > Then 'Open Recent' > Then 'Clear Recent Files'

          Next, Go to Launch Center > Hosts. Go through each host and configure LDAP settings to nothing. Just clear those up.

          Close Filemaker, Restart Your PC.

          Hope the file opens without any issue!!


          Try it & Share your review!





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            It sounds like the session from the remote computer is not terminating properly. That's what happens if the communication gets snarled or, more often, if FileMaker suffers a crash. Are you quitting FileMaker on the laptop before you return to the office? Has it ever crashed while you were connected?

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              Hi Mike


              I am closing the file its self, but not shutting down the Filemaker application completely. But that was my thoughts as well. So i have been making sure that I closed the file properly when I have still been connected from the remote location.

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                In my experience, this error can be received if the network connection is interrupted while the client is still attached. I’d suggest making sure you quit FileMaker completely when you’re on the remote before you attempt to log back in at the office.

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                  I have been away for a while so have not been able to follow this up.


                  I have tried this multiple times now. I am making sure that I close the file on the system and then also quit out of filemaker. I was defiantly still connected to the system when the file was closed. But every time I come back into the office I have the same error and need to delete the preference file on my computer and connect. This some times doesn't work and I need to close the host computer application and relaunch it.


                  I have also tried clearing the LDP settings from he above comment and this has not helped.


                  I am not sure where to head from here, but fairly frustrating spending about $3000 on authentic copies of the program and being presented with this error constantly.


                  Any other suggestions.