FMP 14 License Key conflict

Discussion created by lienert on Sep 12, 2016
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I am having issues with the following conflict:


The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of FileMaker Pro. Please refer to the License Key section of your software documentation for further instructions.

License Key conflict occurred with user “Sam’s MacBook Pro”

All files will be closed and the application will quit.


I am running a shared solution that is running on Filemaker Pro 15 and we have 3 other machines connecting to it , I also have my laptop that is on FMP14. When I am in the office the shared solution works without a problem.

When I leave the office I access the solution from home using port forwarding and this all works fine as well.

When I return to the office the following morning and try to connect to the shared file again I get the above error.

The only solution I have found to sort this out is to delete the preferences file from my computer library and also shut down the shared solution and reopen it on the computer that is hosting the file. This extremely annoying as of course I need to get all users to log off to do this.


All copies of file maker have a there own licence key installed.


Any help would be much appreciated.