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    Communication & Log System


      Hi everyone


      I hope that im not creating a duplicate question, I could not find related discussions in my quick search.


      I am visiting customers(Created on my Filemaker system) and doing audits on their sites. I make notes and in some cases write findings to which they must respond with a solution.

      These findings must be dated and history of communication must be kept.

      My customers do not have a copy of Filemaker and it might be difficult to implement so,


      1. would it be possible to have this communication system work through browser?

      I would think that it would then also need additional license on the server for each person accessing the messaging system?


      2. Could this be done by email?

      If i make a finding, I can mail it to the relevant customer but if they respond via mail, is there a way for Filemaker Server to intercept/capture email by "Subject" and link the relevant reply to the original "finding"


      These findings can sometimes require to have a photo attached but i assume this should not be a problem.


      I do these from my iPhone

      I do this on my own database hosted from my office on FMServer 15 with 5 client licenses at the moment



      Thanks in advanced



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          1. Browser would work, yes on a hosted FileMaker solution with the licenses you have already discovered.


          2. IF they can respond with Excel, that can be imported into FileMaker. In fact you can send them Excel (from FM) in a way that makes response import to match whatever you need (question->answer) with keys.


          there are ways to import from email, but that's more manual, unless you use a plug-in or web service to read the email directly. an attached Excel (or just .csv) would be still manual (to get to the document), but a little easier than parsing the body of email.