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Discussion created by izan on Sep 13, 2016
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Hi everyone


I hope that im not creating a duplicate question, I could not find related discussions in my quick search.


I am visiting customers(Created on my Filemaker system) and doing audits on their sites. I make notes and in some cases write findings to which they must respond with a solution.

These findings must be dated and history of communication must be kept.

My customers do not have a copy of Filemaker and it might be difficult to implement so,


1. would it be possible to have this communication system work through browser?

I would think that it would then also need additional license on the server for each person accessing the messaging system?


2. Could this be done by email?

If i make a finding, I can mail it to the relevant customer but if they respond via mail, is there a way for Filemaker Server to intercept/capture email by "Subject" and link the relevant reply to the original "finding"


These findings can sometimes require to have a photo attached but i assume this should not be a problem.


I do these from my iPhone

I do this on my own database hosted from my office on FMServer 15 with 5 client licenses at the moment



Thanks in advanced