Wrong Error #101 when browsing if fake row active

Discussion created by Fred(CH) on Sep 13, 2016
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Product and version

Tested : FileMaker Pro 11 and 15

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In Browse Mode, The Go To Record/Request/Page[Next] step can return an error 101 even if it proceeded successfully.

How to replicate

  1. Create a script that include a Go To Record/Request/Page[Next]step.
  2. In your layout, install a portal object which is based on a relationship that allow auto creation at portal side.
  3. In Browse Mode, Go to the first record of many.
  4. Manually, activate the last 'fake' row of the portal (here for auto creation).
  5. Perform your script with the debugger and see what happens : the step complete as expected, BUT : an error 101 is returned.

Workaround (if any)

In most cases, the error is not a problem. But if so, place a Commit Record step before the Go To Record/Request/Page[Next]step.