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    Capturing data from check box input


      I am converting preexisting forms from an online platform with limited reporting to FMP.

      Part of the process is duplicating existing data capture forms onto FMP layouts.

      These are repetitive data input for the users and there are many "multiple choice entries" to make their life easier.


      I have a variety of fields where input will be from radio buttons (single option only) or check boxes (multiple options allowed). 

      In the layout I used the Field option to create a check box or radio button control.

      Then I created a and associated multi-value lists with the control. Many also had the option to enter in a different value.

      It all seemed so easy until I began thinking.  How do I deal with the multiple different values when they are in one field.

      While I don't see a need to select (as in SQL Select) records on individual values in these fields it may come up on the future.


      What would be a preferable option?  Add multiple fields in the table to capture the option when multiple option are allowed, or try to parse out individual options in case the need comes to select records based in specific criteria held in a single multi-value field.


      Hopefully I explained this clearly enough.


      Thank you for reading this.


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          David Moyer


          just as a starting point, place a duplicate simple Edit Box field next to your matching checkbox field.  You'll see that as you check and un-check the boxes, you end up with a ¶-separated list.  You can use this list in many ways, including matching child records based on all checked choices.

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            A few other observations:


            If you enter find mode and click a check box, you'll find all records that have at least that value selected. So simple straight forward "finds" in FileMaker can work with check boxes without problem.


            But if you find that you need to produce statistical or summary reports based on multiple values entered into a single field, that reporting task isn't so simple. In such cases not only do separate fields with single check box values easier, you may find that setting up an interface that creates individual related records--one record to a value make for easier and more flexible reporting.


            If that's an option you need to consider, it's possible to set up an interface that looks like a single field with multiple check boxes, but the user is actually clicking buttons that perform a script that creates or deletes a related record when the value is selected or deselected.

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              Being new to this platform and not  having much code experience (other than markup stuff) I haven't delved into FMP scripting yet. Is there  a quick way to get a script to input on check box and how would the performance be on a hosted/FM Go client environment?

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                David Moyer

                In a script, you would use the Set Field script step and the List function to populate your checkbox field.

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