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Scripting a date range - getting errors...

Question asked by on Sep 13, 2016
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Trying to write a script to search for a date range, 10 days on either side of our current date in a single field.  This is what I am scripting and I will also list the error I am getting. Layout is “Weekly Follow Up” and field is “Follow Up Date”.


Go to Layout [“Weekly Follow up” (Requirements)]

Go to Find Mode [pause]

Enter Calculated Result


Then entered this string

[Requirements::Follow Up Date ; "GetAsText(Get(CurrentDate) - 10) & "..." & GetAsText(Get(CurrentDate) + 10) "]


Getting the error

“an operator (eg. +,-,*,…) is expected here.


If I use the “go to targeted field” mode and then enter the calculated result

"GetAsText(Get(CurrentDate) - 10) & "..." & GetAsText(Get(CurrentDate) + 10) "]



I get the error

“this number cannot be evaluated”


Can anyone see my error with this script.