FileMaker Go export container field issue

Discussion created by driedle on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Vaughan

Hi everybody!


I have an issue with exporting a video from a FileMaker container field.


In IOS, I can use a container field to save a video to.


When I want to send the video from this container field using Mail Drop, it works fine when I send the email to Mail in IOS.


When I pick up the email on a desktop machine running El Capitan, the video file will not open unless I add a .mov to the attachment. If I try to create a name, such as video.mov it actually gives me a filename which has a .mov in it, and then adds the video.mov. Anyone have any ideas what is happening?


I can send a photo as an attachment, and an audio file as an attachment as a test, but I can't get a name on the video file.



Dave Riedle