Summery field "List Of" required in FM v12.

Discussion created by akhlaq38 on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by beverly

There is a very good option of summary datatype field where we can choose "List of". It is provided in v.13 and above. What if I want to use same thing in v.12? If I create a field type summary and choose ID field of that table and choose the option "List of", it will display all ID numbers of that table in that single field. I tried it in v.12 creating a text global field and entered all ID numbers manually. Now if I add new record in that table, I need to manually add the new ID in that global field again.

Is there any way like a calculated field which automatically add new ID in that global field from the beginning? I seen some thing like this in v.12 file.

Substitute(  GetValue($$MasterDetail_Data ; n) ; "|" ; "¶")

But being a beginner it is difficult to understand it.