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Using ODBC of server machine for Execute SQL script step

Question asked by nrobinson on Sep 13, 2016
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I have a server-hosted Filemaker database as an ETL between our local DBs and the mySQL db that runs our outward facing web-app. 


Quick question here:

On a server-hosted database with an ODBC connection, is there a way for the ODBC source that is available as an External Data Source to also be available in the Execute SQL step?


Things to know:

1)  I have a working System DSN connection on the server machine to the mySQL db.

2)  Using ESS works just fine.


ESS works like a charm, just slower than I'd like.  Going to the layout for the ESS table, making a new record, setting field data and committing does fine in place of the INSERT command.  Ditto for creating a relationship to ESS records and setting fields in place of the UPDATE command.  


The reason I post this question is:

1) Execution is a good deal faster when using SQL commands directly sent to the mySQL db using Execute SQL script step and

2) It seems weird that when Execute SQL asks for an ODBC source, it only lists your client machine's ODBC sources and not the server's ODBC sources when the Filemaker db is hosted on the server.


Thanks in advance,

Nat from Santa Cruz, CA