Developer Needed

Discussion created by m.mcdonell on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by jeeva

I need a developer to work on my current FileMaker file. I have exhausted my abilities but still need to advance my working file.

Areas of skill will deal with reports and SQL knowledge as well as other scripting.

It may be a few days work,

Please let me know if you can either recommend someone or help yourself.

The file is already a fairly detailed working model with several relationships, scripts and layouts. It also uses scripting from SeedCode that needs adjusted.


My email is michael@ecscares.com and I need the work done quickly. I would supply a duplicated file with some records and a list of work needed. Upon testing and completion, the work will then need implemented into a working file. All running FP10 and server FP10.


Thanks to whoever views this and helps,

NOTE: I am preferring this work to be done efficiently and prefer to pay a flat fee based on the overall amount or per section of the detailed requirement. I have attached a word file outlining the scope of work and a copy of my table. It is a fairly detailed and large project.