FMS15: Interactive container fields aren't viewable unless SSL is turned on?

Discussion created by scottworld on Sep 13, 2016
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We're having an issue with FileMaker Server 15 (running on OS X 10.11.6) that we haven't seen before.


We have a file hosted on a local FileMaker Server 15. All users are connecting locally to this server machine from their Macs using FileMaker Pro 15 (on OS X 10.11.6). This file has one container field (set to both "external storage + open storage" in its field options) that is set on the layout to "optimize for interactive content". The firewall is turned OFF on the FileMaker Server machine.


Users are able to successfully insert PDF files (or JPG files or PNG files) into the container field using a script that I created that uses the "Insert File" script step. The PDF file (or the JPG file or the PNG file) successfully appears on the server in the "RC_Data_FMS" folder, and all of these files are viewable on the server by double-clicking on the files within the Finder on the server. All of the permissions are set properly for the "RC_Data_FMS" folder, and all of the permissions are automatically set properly for all the files as well. Everything is fine so far.


However, the file does not visibly appear in browse mode within the container field on the layout. The container field looks completely empty to the user. Even though the file was successfully uploaded into the container field, and even though the file now lives on the server within the "RC_Data_FMS" folder on the server, the user cannot see the file in browse mode within the container field on the layout.


However, if I go into the FileMaker Server Admin Console and enable "Use SSL for database connections" and "Use SSL for progressive downloading" (located in "Database Server > Security"), and then stop/start FileMaker Server... suddenly, all the users can view their container field contents again.


I was not aware that SSL needed to be enabled in order to view the contents of container fields. According to the FileMaker Server documentation, this is an optional setting but not a required setting.


To recap:

- With SSL turned off, the contents of external/open storage container fields cannot be viewed.

- With SSL turned on, the contents of external/open storage container fields can be viewed.


Is this a bug, or is this an undocumented behavior of FileMaker Server?