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Discussion created by holstermedia@gmail.com on Sep 14, 2016
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I need to copy an image and text from filemaker...

Sounds easy but my only solution so far is to export the container to the temporary path and then show it along with some text in a web viewer.

Then a PC or Mac can select the web viewer contents and copy to clipboard.


Any other solutions?


It's all working well on the Mac - but I can't get the export or image src correct on a PC (Windows 7 client, windows server with image stored externally on E:)


Stage 1 - export image:

Case (

Get ( SystemPlatform )=1;"filemac:/";

Get ( SystemPlatform )=-2;"filewin:/";



Get ( TemporaryPath )

& "test.jpg"

Export field contents to $path


Stage 2 - display image and text

web viewer content:

"data:text/html,<img src='file:/" & Substitute ( Get ( TemporaryPath ) ; " " ; "%20" )& "test.jpg' width='100' height='100' />here's some text"