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El Capitan upgrade breaks FMP14

Question asked by PierceButler on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2016 by PierceButler

I've been running FMP14Adv under the Yosemite version of MacOS with no problems (from FMP; minor glitches elsewhere).


When I decided to try El Capitan, I backed up the startup volume, erased it, installed EC from scratch, played around a little, and used Migration Assistant to transfer files, apps, etc from the backup. No errors reported during that process; no problems with other playings-around.


But launching FMP14 now produces this message:


This application has been installed incorrectly or modified by another program.

Please run the Installer to get a fresh copy of the application after determining the cause.


Uh, that doesn't help much, FM.


(Incidentally, the "Please run..." suggestion will not work for me. I've used FM since way back in the Classic MacOS era, and have a nice collection of upgrade packages, but no installer as such that would run on any Mac made in the last 15 years or longer...)


Anybody have any ideas on what went off the rails and how to fix it? Thanks in advance for all suggestions & comments!