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    Camera in Container FM Go 15/iOS 10


      The camera screen is black in VetFM in FileMaker Go 15.02/iOS 10 iPad Air 2when 'shooting' still or video into a container.   Also on a replacement for existing photo in container.


      Works fine in FileMaker Go 14/iOS 10 iPad Air 2


      In Go 15 I didn’t get the dialog to allow access in Go 15 as we are used to in a new installation of Go previously.


      We checked the setting in iOS-.Privacy->Camera in Go 15. It was on. Toggling it off and on didn’t help.


      (Note: edited to take off the 'beta' iOS 10 released today . . . sorry about that).



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          I'd imagine an update to FMGo will be out shortly from FileMaker to address initial iOS10 headaches. So this should be reported as a bug.


          Is VetFM an SDK app or just a file inside of FileMaker Go?


          "Blessed are the early adopters, for they shall inherit the bugs."

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            Hi Mike,


            We sort of solved it ourselves.  (And VetFM is an FMS hosted file).


            The iPad had both FM Go 14 and 15 installed.  14 worked fine and had appropriate Settings->Privacy and Settings->FileMaker Go set correctly for the camera.  In 15 they were both blank.


            So, deinstalled both and reinstalled 15 then accessed a container in the Contacts file and it worked.  And the settings were correct.


            So alls well that ends well.  And, as you point out, I'm sure point releases will follow for both.


            Otherwise, seems to be working well.  Nice and fast.


            Thanks for the reply, Mike.

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              I didn't have any issues with FMGO 15 on my iPhone 6.    The camera being black is a sign that the apps does not have permission to use the camera.


              You should go to the App (FMGo) not the Camera setting.  This gives FMGO permission to use the camera.


              Settings -> FMGo 15 ->  then slide the camera on. 


              Note : Each version of FMGo that is using the camera has to have permission to use.   Reinstalling will work.