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    Custom menu sets


      Hi there


      I have several levels of user access on a system I'm deploying and want the majority of users on all layouts to have access only to a minimal menu set.  Currently there's a start page defined and around 10 other layouts.


      However, when I'm developing I obviously want the full access to the menu set on all layouts, so thus far I've not set the default menu set per layout to anything else, otherwise my own menu set as an admin becomes limited.


      It seems that I can remove toolbars etc per user privilege set and only have to do this once only.


      However, despite using the InstallMenuSet [Limited] (sic) script step at the same point in the start script, the 10 layouts still show the full menu set.


      Do I really need to put an OnLayoutEnter script per each layout just to define the menu set or have I missed something fundamental here?



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          Stu412 wrote:



          Do I really need to put an OnLayoutEnter script per each layout just to define the menu set



          Certainly not.


          When you step through your OnOpen script that installs the menu set, do you get an error?  Is the menu set updated correctly at that step?

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            I cannot see errors appearing on step through.  Script basically runs IF statement on the first layout(which is a splash screen doing nothing more than displaying a logo and login details).  As far as I can tell this is a good technique:


            • If (Get(PrivilegeSetName) = "[Full Access]"
            • Go to Layout ["Home" (Menu)]
            • Else if (Get(PrivilegeSetName) = "[Reduced]"
            • InstallMenuSet ["Reduced Menu Set"]
            • Go to Layout ["Home" (Menu)]


            I would have imagined installing it at this early point would flow downstream to all other areas the user enters.

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              do you have the toggle on for the "install menu set" script step to make the chosen menu set the 'file default'


              How are the 10 layouts set up for menu set, is it left to 'file default'?

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                Wim is correct. The default menu for a layout always loads when the user navigates to that layout. If you want to override it, you have to put the Install Menu Set step after the Go to Layout, not before.

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                  Ah!  It's just clicked reading the last two comments...


                  I have a side button navigation system set up which allows the user to move between layouts using Single Action>>> Go To Layout ["XXX"].


                  This means that like you say, the default menu will always load first and being a single action, there's not yet provision to do anything additional except via script.



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                    Ah...One cup of strong tea later...


                    @Wim, using the InstallMenuSet option 'Set as file default' for the Reduced privilege set users has solved this issue.


                    Logged in as admin, I have my menus.  Logged in as Reduced User, toolbars are gone, menu is shrunk.


                    Thanks for your help on this one both of you

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                      If you have full access and I believe Advanced is required, you can change the sets that may have been scripted.

                      under Tools->Custom Menus you should be able to select another Menu set

                      This allows me to test custom menu(s) and then go to my settings for debugging. If you remove this Menu item in your custom menu, include a "re-login" script in some menu that can get you back without shutting down. This relogin can trigger full menus for developers.



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                        You have 2 very easy solutions here:


                        1. It sounds to me like you're not developing in FileMaker Pro Advanced. As Beverly mentioned above, with FileMaker Pro Advanced, you simply choose Tools > Custom Menus >  Standard FileMaker Menus. And if you're worried about your users getting access to this menu by installing FileMaker Pro Advanced on their own computers, no need to worry. That option is only available to people who are logged in with the [Full Access] privilege set.


                        2. However, what I find even more compelling & simple -- and I build this feature into 100% of my solutions -- is that I create an extra custom menu called "Admin". Underneath this Admin menu, I have a few scripts that are just for myself, and they are triggered with custom keyboard shortcuts so my hands don't even need to leave the keyboard. One of these scripts is entitled "Show Status Bar & Standard Menus". It checks to make sure that I have [Full Access] Privileges, then it installs the standard FileMaker menu set and shows me the toolbars. So whenever I need access to everything, I just press my custom keyboard shortcut and everything is accessible to me.

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