Custom menu sets

Discussion created by Stu412 on Sep 15, 2016
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Hi there


I have several levels of user access on a system I'm deploying and want the majority of users on all layouts to have access only to a minimal menu set.  Currently there's a start page defined and around 10 other layouts.


However, when I'm developing I obviously want the full access to the menu set on all layouts, so thus far I've not set the default menu set per layout to anything else, otherwise my own menu set as an admin becomes limited.


It seems that I can remove toolbars etc per user privilege set and only have to do this once only.


However, despite using the InstallMenuSet [Limited] (sic) script step at the same point in the start script, the 10 layouts still show the full menu set.


Do I really need to put an OnLayoutEnter script per each layout just to define the menu set or have I missed something fundamental here?