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User Modified Value Lists

Question asked by embeco on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by embeco

I have built a FileMaker Pro 15 system with 1107 value lists (custom values) providing data options to virtually all of the data fields in the system. My end user can alter/update/delete almost any data field in the system. The time is now: My user is on a job with her version 2.4 Runtime module , entering data and changing/modifying value lists while I am working on version 2.5. The time is next week: I am releasing version 2.5 and created a Runtime module for it. My user has this 2.4 Runtime module that I cannot access to see what changes she has made to the value lists. If she updates to version 2.5 she loses all of her modifications that she put in 2.4. This is not acceptable. What do I do??? I cannot believe that this has not come up in all of the commercial applications running FileMaker Pro. Do they not allow users to modify drop-down lists? Help. Help.