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    Fastest Import Format


      Has anyone benchmarked importing different file types of the same data into FileMaker?  Is there any file format that seems to import significantly faster than others?  I have to import some very large files each month and looking for the fastest format to throw at FMP.







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          Nicholas Orr, of Base element fame, once (i'd say 3-4 years ago) wrote in a blog post that CSV was the fastest of them all

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            Remember that indexing is what kills performance, so, if you can prevent fields to be indexed (set them as insidexing none).

            Of course that means they're unusable afterwards in the filemaker world, but heck it's faster :-)

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              Not only indexing. I have found it faster to data-dump import (as-is) into temporary tables if the final tables have many calcs & auto-enters. It may also depend on the amount of fields & records, too. YMMV


              Regardless, if the import can be done on server (PSoS or scheduled script) it is blazingly faster than from FMPro.


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                Yes, CSV and tab delimited are indeed the fastest.

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                  Someone posted a discussion that I can't seem to find about using Javascript in a FileMaker web portal via PSoS to massage the data and then import the result much faster than a normal import (web portal loads the import).  I can't seem to find it, and it certainly is not the easiest method.  But I think they were working with millions of records and every ounce of speed mattered.  Depending on the source being hosted as a service, maybe some type of API with HTTP POST/GET could be faster too.  Just some things to think about which may or may not be useful.