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Problem with data import to FileMaker Pro 14

Question asked by StephenJK on Sep 14, 2016
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We setup a hosted database on a file server to keep track of available parts for mobile equipment.  It can be accessed with WebDirect or with FileMaker over our network by opening the hosted version.


The guys at the shop don't always have good access to WebDirect using a laptop or iPad in the yard because the Wi-Fi connection isn't that great.  In that case, we recently started entering the data into a spreadsheet that was essentially a blank file exported from the FileMaker project so the column and field names would be identical.


Then, all we had to do was import the data from the spreadsheet.  A couple of weeks ago that stopped working.  I've been doing a lot of testing with the Local and Hosted versions of the file, and can't seem to pick up on any pattern.  The database currently has a total of 6,254 entries.


I exported all of the records and imported them to the local copy that was used to develop the hosted version so I can test without any danger to our data.  Also, I know that by using the original file locally and importing the hosted file records all of the calculations and field formatting is identical.


If I delete all of the imported records (6,252 make it, 2 have errors), then I can readily import another file in either .xlsx or .fmp12 format that has another 44 records.


If I allow all of the 6,252 records to remain in place, an import will fail every time, even if it's only a single record.  The popup box shows:

Total records added/updated:  44

Total records skipped due to errors:  44

Total fields skipped due to errors:  0

Tables created:  <none>


Note that this happens with either the local or hosted version.  At first I thought it was the hosted version only but that doesn't seem to be the case.  It's almost as if there is a limit to how many records there can be.


But, if I import the data into another table in either the local or hosted version then the import works every time, regardless of how many records are already in the file.  Of course, that new table doesn't have the same formatting as the original.  We don't want to have more than one table, as we have given a number of users rights to read only and search for parts remotely.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  We have a number of people entering data from hard copy into spreadsheets that will need to be imported into the main database file, and we do need a solution.  I'm confident that I can't be the only person who has experienced this.


We are running with FileMaker Server 14, Build

My development version of FileMaker Pro Advanced is 14.0.6


The file is pretty straightforward, it's a total of 28 fields that are either text or numbers with a few basic calculations for auto-entry of data or to prompt for data entry.