FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced crashes when working with hosted file

Discussion created by DamonCasey on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by TSGal

I'm working with one particular file that is now in production on FileMaker Server 15. The system was originally developed in 11 or earlier (I inherited this system and have no access to the original developer) and has been upgraded over time. I recently developed some major changes locally in FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced on an iMac and didn't see any crashes with the system at all. Now it's hosted on FileMaker Server I see crashes all the time with at least two different layouts.


One layout is based on the Classic theme and the other is based on a custom theme. Copying objects, double-clicking fields, deleting objects, adding text objects all cause crashes.


I was going to recreate the layouts and use a DDR to find scripts that point to the problem layouts. Creating a DDR also causes a crash.


I don't currently have access to the server to be able to take a backup and inspect the file locally so I'll need to wait until tomorrow for that.


I have plenty of crash logs I can make available to you.