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I'm really stuck with this portal problem.

Question asked by D.S. on Sep 14, 2016
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Here goes.


I'm trying to create a space management database that allows me to enter new users into a directory, which also displays some details (Area Code, User Name, Use Class) in a visual floor plan of each area, as per the graphic below. I have also attached the file.



It's a mess, but in the blue boxes it should be IS001 and that user, and then IS002 and that respective user, and so on, on this floor plan. Ignore the white boxes. Those blue boxes are portals. The portal table is SPACES, which contains two fields - ID, and AreaCode. The dropdown area code IS001 is SPACES::AreaCode. The two following fields are from SPACES_::UserName, and UseClass, while the values for UserName come from another database.


I want to be able to designate an area to a new user using either the User Directory or the floor plan under Levels.


This is what the database relationship manager looks like at present:




Can anyone help with this - if you solve me this riddle I will seriously send you some booze or something in thanks.




SpaceMan_DB account: admin, no password.