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    FilerMaker 15 Quits


      Is anyone else having trouble with FileMaker 15 Quitting Unexpectedly on windows machines?   We have a solution out to several clients which was working great in Filemaker 14 and is working good in Filemaker 15 on Macs, but on Filemaker 15 on Windows we are having a lot of trouble with the Filemaker Stopping Unexpectedly (Crashing).  Unfortunately, it happens in several areas of the solution so its hard to pinpoint a problem.  Any information anyone would have would be great.

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          When it happens, what is logged in the Windows system event log?  Typically it will list a dll or other component that is responsible...

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            Some causes of crashing in Filemaker.  


            Corrupt File.

            Corrupt Object(s) On layout.

            Corrupt PDF and or corrupt Image in a container.

            Using 32bit Outlook with 64bit FM or vise versa.

            Using 32bit Plugin in 64bit FM

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              also can crash when a plugin is not compatible with the FMP version.

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                I am not ruling out the possibility of a corrupt file however this has happened on 5 or 6 different machines, across 3 servers, using 4 different single file solutions.  It also only happens to Windows machines running Filemaker 15.  If I do the exact same thing on FileMaker 14 we do not get the error.  Window's version also does not seem to matter.  We have seen this on windows 7, 8.1, and 10. 


                The Event Log does give use two errors.  First is an application error and second is a .NET Runtime error.  Both errors can be seen below.


                Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 10.50.39 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-14 at 10.50.47 AM.png

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                  Also we do not have an plugins running on most of these machines.

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                    I would log a support ticket on this and send FMI this information.  Sometimes these events can help narrow down what could be the issue but these are pretty generic.

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                      It also only happens to Windows machines running Filemaker 15.  If I do the exact same thing on FileMaker 14 we do not get the error.

                      This does not rule out the possibility that you have corrupt files. I've seen previous cases where a damaged file did not exhibit any problems until FileMaker was upgraded to a new version. And I've also seen damage that caused a crash on one OS and not the other.

                      The fact that you have this happening with multiple files makes this seem less likely, but again does not totally rule out the possibility of damaged files. Sometimes multiple files share a common history (started from the same file) or elements from one file have been copy/pasted into the other and thus the latent damage may have spread into more than one file. Unlikely,  yes, but not impossible.


                      I'd test some recovered files to see if this makes any difference and to see if any issues are found during the recovery.

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                        What plugins do you have installed? Try removing them one at a time to see if one of them is generating a problem.

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                          If the servers are Server 14, your files, even if created in v15, must show in File > Options Minimum version allowed to open this file as 14.0.