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Defining Server Name for SSL Certificates

Question asked by JonA on Sep 14, 2016

My first time dealing with SSL certificates, and I'm a bit confused....


For a two-machine deployment of FileMaker Server 14 on Windows, I need to procure/install SSL certificates. Please see the setup below (names have been changed):


For the Database Server:

Let's say that the FileMaker Database Server is named "boris" (as set in the Server Admin page)

Let's say that the Computer Name of the Database Server is "Natasha"


For the Worker Server (in a DMZ):

The Computer is named ""


We have secured the domain:, and we can successfully access the web server, but with the security warning


So now the question:


When purchasing the certificates, what is the proper "Server Name". Is it the Computer Name ( in the example above, "Natasha" or ""), or is it the Database server name ( "boris" ).


Thank you, in advance for helping demystifying this!