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    ios 10 problem


      One of my users is reporting that, after upgrading to iOS 10 yesterday (September 13, day of official release) a database that had been working for him just fine is now having all kinds of problems. It hangs up and he can't get in and do much in it.


      He's using an iPad. I can't reproduce the problems myself on an iPhone running iOS 10. Anybody got any ideas? Anybody else seen problems?


      Database is hosted under FileMaker Server 15.


      (I don't see an update for Go in the App Store and, you know, the release of iOS 10 wasn't exactly a surprise, so I assume that means FileMaker Inc thinks it should work okay.)





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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Go 15.0.2 is compatible with iOS 10.  See Knowledge Base Article #16124:

          Software Update: FileMaker Go 15.0.2 | FileMaker


          I know you said, "It hangs up and he can't get in and do much in it."   However, can you be a little more specific?  For instance, when he does get into the file, what actions does he take to cause the hang?


          Do you have access to an iPad?  If so, have you been able to replicate the hang?



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            And is your client using FM GO 15 or an older release?

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              Sorry I didn't describe the problem with greater specificity. "It hangs as soon as I log in and I can't do anything" was about all I got from the user.


              Told him how to check and he confirms he's using FileMaker Go 15.0.2.


              I very much appreciate the rapid replies. But it's looking now like problem isn't with FileMaker Go or my app, but due instead to the lousy wifi where he was using the app. He turned wifi off and switched to cellular data and the problem disappeared.


              You know, these days, we've (almost) reached the point where I assume that wifi is fast and reliable. Always good to be reminded to check those assumptions....


              Thanks again, y'all!