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    create a data comparison table


      I am trying to features of part numbered product of multiple part numbers.  Essentially I am trying to create a table similar to those retail sites that compare product features between models - refrigerators, automobiles etc...


      I eventually need to have the capacity to compare 10 part numbers to each other. 





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          Would you like us to do it for you or do you have something started that you want help with?

          If 1 then hire someone

          if 2 then post specifics of what you have and what you are struggling withj

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            It's the comparison of parts that needs more detail.


            If you have two devices with a "parts list" or "BOM" for each, How do you tell which part in device 1 corresponds to a given part for device 2?

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              So the list has a Part Number attached for each record.  I am comparing the contents of part A versus the contents of part B....Part N.  I have family of parts to consider.  I can imagine I would like to compare up to 8 ~ 10 part numbers.


              I am fairly new to Filemaker Pro.  I have made some less complex databases.  I like the application.  I lack experience with filters.  If I could find an example or head off in a direction it would be helpful.  At the moment I haven't found anything.  As of now I have the data in EXCEL but that has limitations to conduct a comparison.


              I read about multi criteria relationships.  I did create a second occurrence of the database.  I could make a filter to select the part numbers to compare.  But what I found returns records in a range.


              Thanks for a hint...Of course I can hire someone, but where's the fun in that.

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                You should document examples so you can post them here for input and comments.


                Once you map out what you're trying to do, in detail, it's usually much easier to implement it.


                HOPE THIS HELPS.

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                  The lack of detail leave us guessing.


                  A typical scenario is to have a record of devices (equipment? Products?) and each are associated with a parts list, sometimes called a Bill of Materials if this is the list of parts that need to be assembled during manufacture to produce that product.


                  In such cases, you have to have a way to link a given product with the specific parts that appear in its list. Do you have such in your data?


                  Two examples:



                  Products::__pkProductID = Parts::_fkProductID


                  A portal to Parts on the products layout can then list all parts for that product



                  Products::__pkProductID = BOM::_fkProductID

                  Parts::__pkPartID = BOM::_fkPartID


                  A portal to BOM or Parts on the products layout can list all parts. This second approach allows the same part to be part of the BOM for more than one product.


                  If you can do the above, then we can talk about how to bring up these same lists for two different products for comparison purposes. If you cannot, then achieving that would be a prerequisite to doing what you want to do.

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                    Let me drop back and gather the data to explain myself more clearly.  The purpose of my database is to compare and contrast each part number and their contents.  The contents are actually tests that are conducted in the manufacturing site.  So I want to know if we are consistent from one product to the next in the same family.  Which I know that they are not consistent on a smaller sample size.  I have the data in an EXCEL sheet side by side.  By the time I build the remaining products data EXCEL sheet(s) will become wild! 


                    Please allow me to pause and digest your suggestions.  I think I understand a direction to take.  I'll come back when I have better questions.


                    Sincere Thanks



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                      Sounds like you need this structure:




                      Parts::__pkPartID = TestResults::_fkPartID

                      Tests::__pkTestID = TestResults::_fkTestID


                      You may not actually be recording test results, just that a given test was performed on a given part. If so, then the only difference is in the name of the Table used above.