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    Auto enter a meeting and item number


      I have a meetings database with a field for meeting number and a field for item number. these are meetings that are held for a particular project. so a project can have many meetings and a meeting can have many items of discussion.


      So I have meeting No. 4 on my data entry layout. What I want is a field that will take the 4 and add a .01, .02, etc for each new discussion item.


      So  I would have in my minutes portal in the meeting details layout a field that would auto populate each time a new item was added to that meeting



      4.03, etc.


      Would this even be a calculation field. Not sure how to proceed



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          sounds like you have three tables, two relationships:




          Meetings::_pkMeetingID = Agenda::_fkMeetingID


          would seem the crucial relationship here and the two meetingID fields would have the value '4' in your example. Make sense so far?


          If so, there are several approaches possible, here's one:

          Define this calculation field to have items that will number from 01 to 99:


          _fkMeetingID &"." & Right ( "0" & Get ( RecordNumber) )


          Select the storage option that makes this an unstored calculation.


          This should produce the values you want and update to become different numbers if you delete or re-order the items in your portal.

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            Thank you, I thought it would be a calculation. I don't want any of the other items renumbered though if one of the items is deleted...


            I will give this a go.


            Much Appreciated


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              Then you'll need to use a different method as this system pretty much requires that.


              _fkMeetingID &"." & Right ( "0" & ItemNumber )


              where ItemNumber auto-enters this:


              Max ( AgendaSamemeeting::ItemNumber ) + 1


              This requires adding a new occurrence of Agenda, naming it AgendaSameMeeting and linking it by _fkMeetingID before you define this calculation.