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Can't get custom web publishing running

Question asked by boyenn on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by boyenn

I want to install RESTfm on my existing FMS13.


Before this I never had a need for custom web publishing (PHP/XML) , but now I do.

Test Technologies page succeeds on:


Here's an imgur album documenting which pages work and which don't, my admin console , aswell as my php version and proof that I stopped apache before running the server:


Filemaker Custom Web Publishing Issues - Album on Imgur


I want to avoid a complete FMS reinstall at all costs, as this is a server thats currently in use and people rely on. I want the downtime to be as low as possible.


I don't really know what other information to give , and I don't really know how to word my question so apologies for that .


Big thanks to anyone who has any idea what is going wrong here.