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    Eseguire LINK da script con FMServer 12




      vorrei far eseguire in runtime (ogni 20 minuti) un link composto in questo modo :

      "http://www.miosito.it/function/theactions.php?action=update_word&id=1&frase=ciao mondo"


      con quali istruzioni di script creo uno script che poi devo eseguire in Filemaker Server 12 in un programma di scritp?

      Non tutte le istruzioni di script valide per Filemaker Pro poi sono valide per essere eseguite in Filemaker Server 12.

      Qualcuno ha qualche idea?




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          Sometimes we run scripts on the Server, and sometimes we find it easier (or only possible) to run scripts from a 'slave' machine (which in some cases is the Server Machine, but run from Filemaker Client).


          One way is to have a machine that is always on, and running Filemaker Client.

          Have a small file on it, that will open with pre-set credentials.

          In the file is the script you want to run - the one that is not Server Compatible.

          Make the last line of the script 'Close this file'

          Set that script to run on Open.


          In the Operating System of the work station set a schedule to open that file whenever you want it triggered.

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            Johan Hedman

            I would use FMS Scheduled Script to run a script in you database with Insert URL. After script step make a loop and Exit Loop when field have information. Then handle the information in the way you want