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Breaking Repeating Fields in to a related record

Question asked by JFWX5 on Sep 14, 2016
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I have a very old FM solution called "Clients" that uses 10 repetitions of each repeating fields to list payments for each record.



ie.       DateRepeatingField1            CheckRepeatingField1             AmountRepeatingField1

           DateRepeatingField2            CheckRepeatingField2             AmountRepeatingField2         

           DateRepeatingField3            CheckRepeatingField3              AmountRepeatingField3

           DateRepeatingField4            CheckRepeatingField4              AmountRepeatingField4

           DateRepeatingField5            CheckRepeatingField5              AmountRepeatingField5

           DateRepeatingField6            CheckRepeatingField6              AmountRepeatingField6         

           DateRepeatingField7            CheckRepeatingField7              AmountRepeatingField7

           DateRepeatingField8            CheckRepeatingField8              AmountRepeatingField8

           DateRepeatingField9            CheckRepeatingField9              AmountRepeatingField9

           DateRepeatingField10          CheckRepeatingField10            AmountRepeatingField10         





The "Clients" solution also contains a Unique ID for each record.



How do I export the repeating fields, so that each Child record created has Clients::UniqueID  Date1, Check1, Amount1


                                                                         Child record Two has Clients::UniqueID  Date2, Check2, Amount2



                                                                                ect                             Clients::UniqueID  Date10, Check10, Amount10