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    Wrap text when creating radio buttons?


      Is there a way I can wrap text when creating radio buttons? Right now, my text is too long for the radio button boundary (I can't shorten the text, it has to be that specific text). Is there a way, I can have part of the text come down to a new line?


      I've tried looking this up, but the only thing I found was that this can't be done, is there an update or a workaround anyone knows?

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          Got a screen shot? I'm pretty sure that I have an accurate mental picture, but a shared image makes things "more sure".


          There are work arounds. They typically add things to your layout that are not part of the original radio button with value list design, but achieve the same result.


          For example, if you had 4 values in your value list, you might replace your single radio button field with a set of 4 buttons with the values in your value list repeated as values in the button lables. The text inside the button can now wrap as needed. The buttons can use set field to assign a value to the radio button field just like clicking a radio button. And there are several options for how you might display the "button" part of your radio button field next to those scripted buttons to show what value is selected without showing the value list text.


          It's even possible to use a portal with buttons such that it looks like you have a radio button field with a scroll bar attached to scroll through more available values than you have space for on your layout.

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            Yep, something like this, it goes off page, so it would be cool to start a new line, but with the same radio button selection.

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              Pretty much what I thought.


              My previous suggestions apply then,


              In addition, you can make your field so narrow that only the radio button circles are visible. Then place layout text next to each circle to identify the value to be inserted when you click the corresponding radio button. If you need more vertical space for the Wrap, you can either increase the radio button's font size and/or decrease that of the layout text, or you can use separate, single value value list formatted copies of your radio button field, (One field in your record, multiple copies of it on your layout) in order to get more vertical space between them to make room for the "wrap".

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                I am Huey


                What about short choices for the radio mask then add an explanatory tooltip.  Your radio could be "1,2,3,4" with a tooltip in this format:

                "1.  BUT the basin of the Mississippi is the BODY OF THE NATION. All the other parts are but members, important in themselves, yet more important in their relations to this. ¶2.  Exclusive of the Lake basin and of 300,000 square miles in Texas and New Mexico, which in many aspects form a part of it, this basin contains about 1,250,000 square miles. ¶3.  In extent it is the second great valley of the world, being exceeded only by that of the Amazon. The valley of the frozen Obi approaches it in extent; that of La Plata comes next in space, and probably in habitable capacity, having about eight-ninths of its area; then comes that of the Yenisei, with about seven-ninths; the Lena, Amoor, Hoang-ho, Yang-tse-kiang, and Nile, five-ninths; the Ganges, less than one-half; the Indus, less than one-third; the Euphrates, one-fifth; the Rhine, one-fifteenth. ¶4.  It exceeds in extent the whole of Europe, exclusive of Russia, Norway, and Sweden. IT WOULD CONTAIN AUSTRIA FOUR TIMES, GERMANY OR SPAIN FIVE TIMES, FRANCE SIX TIMES, THE BRITISH ISLANDS OR ITALY TEN TIMES."


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                  Yep, so what I did was something similar, I changed the radio button text to the background color, than increased the LEFT padding so it went off the radio button border. Than I added just plain text over where the radio button text was! And, it worked!

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                    This is a great idea, but I wanted the text to be visible without having to hover over.