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Mirror fields in 2 tables ...

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by ezeitgeist

So I am using MasterDetail2.0 and I've run into an interesting dilemma: The Master Detail "primary" fields all have to be from the same table and specifically the table where the primary ID resides. I want to display fields in the side lookup (the primary fields) that are from two different tables (I have contact name in one table [the primary one], but address and type of company in a separate Companies table). To have the fields show up properly it looks like I will need to have the fields mirrored (the type of company, company name, and company state from the Companies table) in the Contacts table. (When you mix fields from different tables in the primary fields area you get a lot of "?" instead of actual information appear.)


What is the best route to do this? (Or if someone has an alternative route, I am also down for that.)


Should I create fields in the Contacts table and just use a calculation to say that they are equal to the matching field in the Companies table? Should I have a script run that does a Set Field command every time a Company record is updated? Would love to figure out the SIMPLEST solution.