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Update values according to the status at installation and current date

Question asked by scheip22 on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by scheip22

Dear all,


I’m struggling with two formulas, wherefore I could not find any function.

1. To update the utilization (workhours) of a machine, the daily workhours (a, known) have to  be imported. This value have to be added to the total workhours (X) of the machine. The next day, a new record will be added, where the daily workhours should be added again to the total workhours.

So the output of day 1, should be an input for day 2, which outcome should replace the output of day 1 at the general page.

X1 = X0 + a1

X2 = X1 + a2

Xn = Xn-1 + a3


2. In my calculation I have to refer to data (total workhours) in another lay-out (A) that changes every day. There have to be a link between the creating date of the imported value (workhours of a specific component) in lay-out B and the value of the data in lay-out A at that date.

For example: (X – Y) + Z = Q

X is known, the value at lay-out A, TODAY

Y is the value at lay-out A, at 01/01/2016

Z is the imported value at 01/01/2016 in lay-out B


X and Y were calculated in the same field. Before X, the value was Y. Y went X, due to calculations in function of time. X-Y is the difference in value between 01/01/2016 till now.


I’m struggling with it for 2 days now. Could somebody help me?

Thanks a lot!