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    FileMaker 15 Pro advanced crash reports.. Possible bug?


      Attached are two Apple crash reports.  In both cases,  the crash occurred while developing a file.  I believe that this was two separate files.  Both files are hosted on a local development server with a hardwired Gbit connection between development computer and server.  The server is running FMS 15.


      The crash occurred when clicking a button to run a script in browse mode. 


      The computer is a MacBook Pro ( Retina, Mid 2012), 2.7 Ghz Intel Core I7, with 16 GB of ram.


      In both cases,  I pulled a copy of the file and checked it for corruption after the crash.  No corruption was found.  Since the crash,  I have been able to work on the files and so far no problems.


      If I can provide any additional information please let me know.

      Bruce Herbach

      Herbach Consulting

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          Thank you for your post and crash reports.


          The two crashed threads are nearly identical, and the reports appear to be centered around an object on the layout.  If the crash reports came from two different files, did you copy an object (or objects) from one file and paste it into the second file?


          In the layout that crashes, what kind of objects do you have on the layout?  The crash report does report some mouse behavior, generally by a scroll.  There is also mention of a script.  Was a script running?  If so, what actions does the script perform?



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            In the report from today, I clicked a button that runs a navigation script.  The button is standard "return" button that brings the user back to the previous layout.  So it has been copied several times.


            I'm using an Apple mouse and it does tend to scroll things if you move your fingers across it.  In layout mode this can move the window a fair distance unexpectedly.


            The layout is a detail layout with buttons, popover buttons, portals, a tab object and a number of fields.  So a lot of objects.  Only a couple are named.


            I'll keep an eye in this,  if it happens again,  and the return button is involved,  I'll delete it and recreate it.


            I did take a copy of the file and run it through recover.  The recover process didn't flag any errors.