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FileMaker 15 Pro advanced crash reports.. Possible bug?

Question asked by BruceHerbach on Sep 15, 2016
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Attached are two Apple crash reports.  In both cases,  the crash occurred while developing a file.  I believe that this was two separate files.  Both files are hosted on a local development server with a hardwired Gbit connection between development computer and server.  The server is running FMS 15.


The crash occurred when clicking a button to run a script in browse mode. 


The computer is a MacBook Pro ( Retina, Mid 2012), 2.7 Ghz Intel Core I7, with 16 GB of ram.


In both cases,  I pulled a copy of the file and checked it for corruption after the crash.  No corruption was found.  Since the crash,  I have been able to work on the files and so far no problems.


If I can provide any additional information please let me know.

Bruce Herbach

Herbach Consulting