Timeline or Gantt web viewer example

Discussion created by ibrahim_bittar on Sep 15, 2016
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Hi all


I'm working on a project that will involve the use of a Gantt-Like timeline, but it has to be interactive.


I need to do the following:


  1. Drag and drop events (processes) into a certain timeline.
  2. Be able to manually extend or reduce the time needed to complete a process (in the web viewer).
  3. Be able to split a process and manage each piece individually, but connected to the parent project.
  4. Be able to reorder events in the time line.
  5. be able to drag and drop events from one timeline to another.


I've been researching on the web and have found many JavaScript libraries but they have lots of bloatware and I need something simple.


Do you know of a simple JavaScript library that can do what i need. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Best regards